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Handling Sexual Harassment Claims

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2018 | Firm News, Sexual Harassment |

The flurry of news stories on sexual harassment allegations and the social media “#metoo” campaign are causing employers to take action to protect themselves and promote a healthy environment.

Quinlivan & Hughes outlined the key roles organizations should play this week at the monthly Breakfast Seminar and provided these key resources.

Key steps for employers to take:

  • Review and update anti-harassment policy and reporting procedures.
  • Make sure anti-harassment policy and reporting procedures are accessible to employees.
  • Promote a culture, through leadership, that encourages the reporting of inappropriate behavior.
  • Train employees (and especially supervisors) on sexual harassment and civility in the workplace.

To assist employers, the EEOC published in 2016 a series of checklists on these key topics:

Taking Action
The Quinlivan & Hughes Employment Group can help you take action. We have a variety of resources and can provide workplace training and assistance with policy updates and allegation investigations.