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Should Employers Provide Sexual Harassment Prevention Training?

On Behalf of | Feb 17, 2023 | Employment Law |

A sexual harassment allegation has the potential to cause serious trouble for Minnesota employers. However, there are certain steps employers can take to create a workplace free of sexual harassment and abuse, including employee training and having strong anti-harassment policies.

Providing prevention training for employees

Many employers are starting to provide sexual harassment prevention training to members of their workforce. There are several benefits associated with doing so. First, it helps educate your workers at all levels about what behavior is and is not acceptable in your place of employment. Second, it helps mitigate risks by outlining your expectations when it comes to sexual harassment – and your plans for how to address it if it occurs. Third, it shows your workers you care about running a workplace where they remain free from this type of treatment.

Some areas already have laws in place mandating that employers, or employers within certain industries, train their workers about how to prevent and report sexual harassment. Certain states also require businesses that have workforces of a certain size to offer this type of prevention training.

Mandating training for new hires

Consider requiring all new hires to undergo sexual harassment prevention training as part of their onboarding. Revisit your training materials every so often to make sure they reference current laws and guidelines.

Implement Strong Anti-Harassment Policies

Another step in creating a workplace free of sexual harassment and abuse is ensuring your company has strong anti-harassment policies. Good policies can help promote a positive workplace culture and can assist employees with understanding how to prevent and report sexual harassment. It is also important to keep your anti-harassment policies up to date.

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