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Our People

Choosing an experienced attorney may be the most important step in assuring that you receive full and fair results. It’s important to select an attorney who understands what you are going through and can meet your needs.

Kenneth H. Bayliss III

Ronald W. Brandenburg

Attorney Jeffrey Clancy Photo

Jeffrey P. Clancy

Michelle M. Draewell

Dyan J. Ebert

Bradley W. Hanson

Cally Kjellberg-Nelson

Attorney Joseph Krueger photo

Joseph A. Krueger

Attorney Elle Lannon Photo

Elle M. Lannon


Dawson T. Quick

Jolene R. Klocker Schley

Attorney Steve Schwegman photo

Steven R. Schwegman

Jessie L. Sogge

Kevin A. Spellacy

Chad A. Staul

Greg R. Vichot

Attorney Franz Joseph Vancura photo

Franz J. Vancura

John H. Wenker