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100 Years of Service

Quinlivan & Hughes | Attorneys At Law | Celebrating 1000 Years | Est. 1923

Short History:

Quinlivan & Hughes, P.A. celebrates 100 years of service in 2023! It is the story of independent family law firms that eventually merged into a legal dynasty. A dynasty that is firmly rooted in Greater MN and offers legal services through its nearly 50 employees to clients throughout Minnesota and in other parts of the United States.

The Quinlivan law firm was incorporated in 1923 and had modest beginnings. With a desire to bring outstanding legal expertise to rural communities, the firm grew and became Atwood & Quinlivan, emerging from two separate firms, the Atwood firm led by Allen Atwood and the Quinlivan firm founded by Ray Quinlivan. In 1951, Richard Quinlivan joined his father’s practice, and the business was soon renamed Quinlivan & Quinlivan. Not long after, Ray’s sons Roger Quinlivan and Roger’s younger brother, John, joined the firm, making it a true family business.

During those same years, Frederick Hughes was earning a law degree from the University of Minnesota and following graduation worked at various local firms. With the graduation of his twin sons, Keith and Kevin, from law school, the three formed their own law office, calling it Hughes & Hughes. Both family-majority firms welcomed a number of non-family member attorneys to their practices allowing their practices to grow in size and in the legal services they were able to offer.  Family members were soon outnumbered by the addition of other attorneys, but both firms never lost their continued commitment to family, making it as equally important as their commitment to the practice of law and to the communities in which they practiced. Both firms changed names over the years, reflecting the addition and contributions of others who had become recognized leaders in their firms as well as by members of the legal and business communities.

In 1998, Hughes, Thoreen, Relph & Hanson, which had been a part of the original Hughes & Hughes firm, and which was headed by Keith Hughes merged with Quinlivan, Sherwood, Spellacy & Tarvestad, creating the firm known today as Quinlivan & Hughes, P.A. The firm’s primary locations are in downtown St. Cloud and, as of 2021, in Long Prairie. The firm also maintains satellite offices in Monticello and Little Falls.

The firm has a long history of giving back to the profession and to the communities in which it is located. Firm founders were involved in their communities and donated significant volunteer time, setting the standard and expectation for those that followed them. Among some of the more notable roles they assumed, Ray Quinlivan served on the University of Minnesota’s Board of Regents for over 25 years until his death in 1961. Fred Hughes served on the Minnesota State Board of Tax Appeals and joined the U of M Board of Regents after Ray’s death. Keith Hughes served as a state senator, representing the St. Cloud area from 1964 until 1972. This level of commitment to the community instilled by the firms’ founders continues today, 100 years later!